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I am new to this community and currently exploring the idea of an unassisted birth. My husband is in the Army and we live less than 5 minutes from the hospital on post, so that is where tricare will pay for me to give birth. If I switch to standard, tricare will cover a home birth with a CNM, but all the CNMs up here work at hospitals.

I am hesitant about going unassisted because there is a decent chance that I would be completely and totally alone. My husband is set to deploy around he time the baby is due and I do not have any friends up here. Our families live in Texas and the chances of someone being able to come up here to be with me are slim to none. In the event that something should go amiss I would rather have more support than my dog or cat can offer.

Has anybody else in this community giving birth completely alone? Also, if there are any military mamas in here, how did you deal with the military after giving birth?
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