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Does anyone know where I can get stories/advice about natural/unassisted birth after caesarean? I am not pregnant yet, but my partner and I are planning for our second child.

Put simply: I will be having a caesarean over my cold dead body. Or more realistically, only if not having one will mean either me or the baby will die.

Last time I was pregnant I had an awful time. I had consistently low blood pressure and kept fainting. I had pre-eclampsia and polyhydramniosis (sorry about my spelling!) I was so very ignorant about childbirth and ended up having a caesarean after 'failure to progress'. I did so well until 6cm dilated, then the pain got unbearable because of the position my son was in. I had a few gulps of gas and air, vomited and refused more. Then they gave me a shot of pethidine which ended with me vomiting all over my midwife and having an asthma attack which put me on a nebuliser and then an oxygen mask. It also stopped my contractions, cold dead. They had previously been regular and almost..relieving. After 4 hours of bearing down, they wanted to give me an episiotomy and do a forceps delivery, but I refused and asked for a caesarean because the idea of a cut through my perineum was horrifying to me.

I feel really ashamed of the whole experience, although I'm trying to let go of old feelings, especially as another pregnancy becomes more likely. I'm such much more knowledgeable about pregnancy, nutrition, rest, exercises, perineal massage, exercises to turn the baby etc. I know breathing exercises for the birth, massage techniques and would possibly consider using a TENS machine. But I absolutely don't want drugs, doctors or a caesarean unless me or the baby is dying. I'd rather do it with just my partner, my son and myself. A friend actually said to me, oh are you sure they'd let you do that after last time? I was like...let!? There is no question of 'let', I will do what I want with my baby and my body!

I really want to read as many different experiences as possible. Can anyone share any links/experiences with me, pretty please?
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babyslime's son Xan was born UBAC. moonshineray also had a UBAC with her second. Both may have some resources to share with you.

There are also several women in the UC forum on's boards who have had UBACs.