Alisa (jupitertear) wrote in uc_help,

Possible retained placenta?

Ok ladies... I had Lillian about 2 hours ago. The placenta appeared to come out ok, but there's a dangler hanging between my legs. My mother looked over the placenta and although it looked whole to me, she thinks it came from the placenta, and pointed it out to me, but as I've just given birth, I'm screwy in the head at the moment. It's been two hours and it's still dangling. Although she breast-crawled (unintentionally, we were waiting for the placenta) and nursed (like a champ!) immediately, she's been pretty sleepy and hasn't been too milk-happy, so I haven't had much of a chance to use nipple stimulation to try to get this little dangler to come out.

Is there any other suggestion? I'd hate to call my scalpel happy medwife about it cause she'll just tell me to come in and not give any alternatives first.

Got it! A gentle tug took care of it. It ended up about 8 inches or so, sure enough it's a strip of the sac.
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