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UP with morning sickness

Hi. I can't remember if I ever made an intro post in here, but if not I'm Sarah. I have a 6.5 month old daughter named Arianna who was a natural hospital birth and OB managed prenatal care. I won't detail my experience right now, but it has lead me to the decision that all future children will be born at home into loving arms. That said, I do have one concern that I'm not really sure how to handle and maybe there is someone here who can help.

I had horrible morning sickness with my daughter. It was more than morning sickness. It was all day, every day for 20 weeks straight no natural remedy could touch sickness. Since this is fairly common in pregnant woman, my OB kept telling me that it was normal and that it would pass by the second trimester. Well by 20 weeks it hadn't passed and one night I started throwing up blood. It didn't turn out to be anything serious, just a small tear in my throat from heaving so hard, but it finally prompted somebody to prescribe me something (Zofran) to get the vomiting under control. Oh and it wasn't my OB who prescribed it initially, it was the ER. I went because I was scared when I saw the blood.

Along with an unassisted childbirth, I would really like to have an unassisted pregnancy, but I'm not sure who I would turn to if I end up sick again. The first time around it was just me. This time around I'll have at least one young child to care for (I also have stepkids and who knows at what point they'll be living with us permanently) and I just can't be sick and unable to function. Who would I go to to prescribe me something? If I went to the ER, they would undoubtedly want to know why I was not receiving prenatal care. Could they get me in any kind of trouble if I refuse to seek prenatal care? I know there is no law stating that I HAVE to, but I also know that it's their job to report people who they feel are endangering themselves or another. I am just now getting my husband on board with the idea of a UP/UC which I was convinced would be impossible. The last thing I need is some holier-than-thou doctor throwing around threats and scaring him out of it.

I feel like I'm already so mentally prepared and even excited for this. My confidence has been given an extra boost now that my husband has gone from "no way in hell" to "I think we can do this". There are just a few little bumps I need to work out and this is one of them. Thank you for any help you can give.
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