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Birthing kit, labor bath herbs and Placenta Essence

Ok, I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum for these questions, but I wasn't sure where else to ask... My first birth was in a hospital, although very easy, short, and not terribly traumatic, I was forced to have an epidural and it really ruined the last of my faith in hospital birth. My family is aware that I would like to have this baby at home, but they've been dead set against it. I've continued making comments, and dropping random statistics and facts around my hubby. Well, my husband has started insinuating that he's ok with the idea of an unassisted birth. Yay!!! Today he asked what all we need for a birth kit at home, that I should go ahead and make sure we have a good birth kit around and that he felt that "he could do it if it comes to it...", which is actually a huge step. I think it was his way of saying yes to homebirth after he'd already said absolutely not. That leads to my questions... I've never been to a birthing class, but I have absolute faith and trust in my body, so I don't really think I'll need to be charged $350 bucks to be taught how to react to childbirth. Is there something I can read to help prepare myself for an unassisted birth at home? Most books I looked at were 20-30$ and I can't afford to buy them all, obviously. I have Spiritual Midwifery, and my husband ordered Emergency Childbirth.

So, we want a birthing kit. There's SO many of them out there. I have 50-75$ budget for the birthing kit and extras, but I don't know what is useful/helpful... All I know for sure that I want is 2 peri bottles, lots of those jumbo puppy pads things (for lack of the "real" name), something to protect the mattress, a footprint thingy (what types are best?), several pair of mesh panties (are there different ones?), and a cord clamp (what kinds are there?). I also want the Born At Home onesie. BTW, what is shepherd’s purse for? What else would I want? I want everything I might possibly need. This is my last baby, so I want things to go as smoothly as possible. Anything to increase comfort before, during and after.

There's a good selection here, but I am totally clueless on what my husband and I need to have? Could someone suggest a specific kit + additional supplies? Or at least a specific birth kit? It doesn't need to be from that site... I have no clue on where I should shop.

I have a deep, jumbo 3 person bathtub with spa jets and stuff (the corner kind that are triangular), so I don't need any kind of birthing pool, I think... but is there some kind of herbs or soak that I could put in the tub while I'm laboring? (preferably one that colors the water :/ my husband's kinda squeamish, and just in case I bleed a bit, I'd rather not tint the water myself.)

Lastly, and kinda off topic; I'm really intrigued by Placenta Essence, and want to do that... but I think my husband and family would seriously question my sanity if I mentioned it to them. Has anyone done this? What would be the best jar to use? I would want the placenta water to be stronger, and more the color of strong tea. I didn't get to see my placenta last time, I was told it was hazardous waste as they took off with it, so, I haven't even the vaguest idea how big a placenta might be. And... silly question... will it work if the distilled water has added fluoride?

Heh.. I'll cut this off here before I think of any more annoying questions.

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